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Un Corps Invaincu


Photo prise aujourd’hui à J+7. On s’accordera pour dire que les soutifs d’allaitement c’est pas toujours Coppacabana, but who cares? (Ensemble en coton bio Peau-Ethique) “Aucun autre organe ne peut s’apparenter à l’utérus. Si les hommes avaient un organe comme celui-ci, ils s’en vanteraient. Et c’est d’ailleurs ce que nous devrions faire.” Ina May Gaskin (aka …




Je n’ai jamais été une grande posteuse, ces derniers mois encore moins. Mais j’avais une bonne excuse… Robe Asos Manchette et collier Made Boots  Dr Martens 1460 Vegan


No caption needed

January 1st 2013, this blog had 3 years. As it goes fast! So much absences, so much happiness that I did not see it coming. The year that has elapsed marked me forever. I am more patient, cheerful and positive than before. It had not happened for a long time. Long months of expectation, then …


(Re) Birth


After a few weeks of intense emotions, told myself it was time to say hello. I mothered, I merged and abandonned myself to my new role… A role that I envision with great solemnity, and therefore takes a lot of time. Now, I need to reconnect with my passions, my hobbies, and this blog among …


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