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No caption needed

January 1st 2013, this blog had 3 years. As it goes fast! So much absences, so much happiness that I did not see it coming. The year that has elapsed marked me forever. I am more patient, cheerful and positive than before. It had not happened for a long time. Long months of expectation, then …


(Re) Birth


After a few weeks of intense emotions, told myself it was time to say hello. I mothered, I merged and abandonned myself to my new role… A role that I envision with great solemnity, and therefore takes a lot of time. Now, I need to reconnect with my passions, my hobbies, and this blog among …


The Girl from Ipanema

[1987] Whitney Houston - Whitney

I could have said “The Girl from Newark,” because Whitney, her radiant smile, I’ve thought about it all along the song. I just love singing with emotion. When my heart is driving my diaphragm, nothing sounds the same again. I encourage you to put on the headphones because in my speakers, the sound is pretty …




My very first bracelet. A relic preserved for nearly three decades by my parents. So cute ! I grew up again , it’s my birthday. I’ve been tagged by my friend D. so I am going to tell you 15 things about myself : ——– 1. I feel a kind of discomfort seeing caged animals. …


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