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Partition – Part I


Tous les Mêmes


It’s been a while since my last cover, so here is my Xmas gift ! I had a lot of fun, hope you enjoy it !

The Girl from Ipanema

[1987] Whitney Houston - Whitney

I could have said “The Girl from Newark,” because Whitney, her radiant smile, I’ve thought about it all along the song. I just love singing with emotion. When my heart is driving my diaphragm, nothing sounds the same again. I encourage you to put on the headphones because in my speakers, the sound is pretty …



Because it’s cold, let’s have fever with a song! No music this time because my contralto voice could not fit on the soundtrack. I know I’m always hiding behind a hitch, it would look almost intentional disability. Singing is a part of us of us that we let fly away through the front door, there …


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