Partition – Part I



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Winter Closet

parkaasosAsos parka as spotted on Coline.

teeshirtsamericanvintageWhite see-through American Vintage teeshirts, my favorite.

Organic cotton sweaters Miss Sistine, H & M sweaters (seen here in its unbleached version) Zara sweaters.(Click on polas for larger view)

bagpackconverseBackpack, Converse Leopard

hoodieamericanapparelMy beloved hoodie, super comfortable, cozy, warm and well-cut.

American Apparel, an ethical brand that I love for its hyper efficient basics.

sneakersSome of my most comfortable pairs for the many days I wear my baby on my back. Nike Free TR Fit 3 Printed, Converse, Minnetonka, Superga « Girafa »

resistkeithharing« Resist ! »© Keith Haring Foundation

Year of 4

yearof4This blog is like my playground. An area of expression and experimentation that evolves along with me. One easy way to freeze in the time everything that was attempted. I hope to continue this momentum and share with you again this year a small window on some of my concerns, hoping that it can inspire you. Hugs PS: For those who missed the previous seasons, here is a retrospective of my favorite photos! You can fly over the polaroids with your mouse to see the full annotations and click to scroll through the photos.

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